Germany’s Population Versus Nuclear Power Plants and Energy Consumption

Electricity is very important in our modern world, without it we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things. Germany is a big country with a population of 80,621,788, meaning that it needs a lot of electrical power plants to supply all the people with electricity. Germany’s electrical power plants use both renewable resources and nonrenewable resources. Renewable resources are resources used to fuel power plants which cannot be exhausted. Some of these include hydroelectric dams, thermal power plants, wind mill farms, and solar energy. Non renewable resources are fuels that can be used up gradually. Examples of nonrenewable resources are things such as patrolium or coal.

Germany's nuclear plants versus energy use

Germany’s nuclear power plant locations and the total electricity consumption.

Germany has many nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy is part of the renewable energy section. Most of the plants are clustered in the south western region of Germany. Six of them are in the north western region and a few are in the north. Little are seen in the eastern side of Germany. This can be explained by where the population is most. The majority of the population is in the southern region and western region. The light green parts have few people, and that is also where the power plants leave a huge gap which can be seen in the map with the nuclear power pants. Because of the high population, as said before, Germany needs a lot of electrical power. The total electricity consumption per capita in Germany is 522- 1772kWh.

Germany population for each region

Germany’s population per region.

In conclusion, electricity is very important. It helps us through our everyday lives and improves it. Of course, the more people a country has, the more power plants it has to build to supply that demand. Nuclear power plants in Germany contribute a lot of electricity along with many other types of electrical plants.


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