The Surface Winds of Germany

This post is about the real time wind currents in Germany compared to the generalised maps for wind currents in the whole world.


wind currents change

Sometimes, there are slight changes in wind direction.

wind currents in Europe

The animated map of NASA showing part of eastern Europe and the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Germany lies in the prevailing wind zone called the westerlies in the middle latitudes. The westerlies are wind currents that come from the west and blow into the east. On the animated map created by NASA, you can see that there are both winds coming from the east and the west. On the east side of Germany, the wind currents are coming from the Caucasus region and blow upwards through Poland and the Czech Republic into Germany. On the west, winds start from the Mediterranean Sea, go through France then into Germany. Both the eastern winds and the western winds meet up at the northern tip of Germany where they speed up at the northern Atlantic and the Baltic Sea. These winds then pass the United Kingdom and create a swirl not so far away from Iceland.

world wind currents generalised

This is a generalised wind current pattern map of the whole world.

In the animated wind current map, Europe’s wind currents are clearly coming from the west and blowing upwards in the eastern direction. What we don’t see on a generalised map is that some wind currents are also blowing east to west creating big wind swirls indicating storms our on the Atlantic Ocean.

Another difference between the animated map and the generalised map is that the generalised maps can only show specific patterns while when you look at an animated map, you can see changes occur in the wind pattern.


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